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Somerville cover is created to help promote, create, and collaborate local community digital content and media from the local talented, entrepreneurial, and enthusiastic community of Somerville, NJ and surrounding areas.

Cruise Night

Cruise Night

The car strip in Somerville, NJ! Every Friday night during the summer come and see the town filled with people and their fancy rides.

Friday Night Cruise



The town if filled with all types of shops and boutiques, up and down Main Street, Division Street, and all over.

Shopping Around Town



From street fairs and races to live music and the cruise night entertainment in Somerville, NJ is jumping.

Fun all day and night

Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Wine and Dine all the time! Somerville, NJ has something to eat and drink for everyone and every appetite.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness

Got to stay fit, eat healthy, and look good. Personal fitness, sporting events, and active lifestyles are going on daily.

Stay Active and Stay Fit

Park and Recreational

Park and Recreational

Chill out, ride a bike, run a trail, or bring the kids. Outdoor areas in and around Somerville, NJ are some of the best in the state.

Outside for Some Fresh Air

In and Around Town

A community of sharing everyday life in Somerville, New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Somerville NJ is located in Somerset County, New Jersey within a section of Bridgewater Township.  An original settlement, primarily by the Dutch, grew from 1754 in and around the area of the church and Old Dutch Parsonage house.  Today Somerville is a great town to be in and around with the development of Main Street and Division Street as local attractions the streets of Somerville are happening every day of the year.

Walking around the town you can find, what almost feels like every day, new businesses, shops, and restaurants moving in and opening up shop.  In the summertime events are around every corner with every Friday night bringing the cruise night into town where you can find thousands of car and auto enthusiasts walking up and down main street browsing the display of cars that line up Main Street.

If you are interested in the town and the great attractions that exist, check back with Somerville Cover for coverage of all the recent development in and around Somerville, NJ.

Photos from Around Somerville, NJ

About Somerville New Jersey

Somerville NJ is located in Somerset County, in the heart of Central New Jersey.  As of 2017 Somerville New Jersey has a population of 12,506 and is in the top ranking for population density.  Somerset Country consists of twenty one municipalities that carries a population of almost 350,000 residents.  

Originally settled almost 350 years ago or mostly agreed upon in 1683 and given the name "Somerville" after four brothers from the Somerville family (William, John, James, and Edward) the town and was mainly farm land with a small village and 50 to 60 homes who many were viewed as prosperous.   In 1783 the court house was build and can also be viewed as the beginning of the town and once the railroad was built in the 1840 everything began to take off with almost 400 hundred homes by 1872.

During this time Fire Company No 1 was also established (1835), where a tub and a few men with buckets would answer the call.  Later in 1873 the Somerville board purchased a steam fire engine.  Water power along the Raritan River helped spark industrial growth and sparked the growth and development of of education and culture.  A red clay that was used for brick making helped produce product from Somerville, NJ. 

George Washington would also spend time in Somerville during the Revolutionary War.  Home to several historical figures Somerville carries extensive history that has evolved into a unique destination to live, visit, and work. 

main street nj somerville

In more modern times in the New York Metropolitan Area the seat of Somerset County is located in Somerville, NJ.  Somerset, named after an English country "Somerset" is one of the Americas oldest counties.   Somerville, formed as a town by a board of commissioners in 1863, was populated primarily by the Dutch during its early years.  Historic building still stand today, the Old Dutch Parsonage and the Wallace House along with several Victorian architecture.  

Now a borough, since its separation from Bridgewater Township in 1909 when Somerville incorporated, Somerville's community continues to thrive from days of Woolworth and Buffalo Bills to Division Street Walk and places like Project Pub and Verve.  Somerville is also home of several events throughout the year from street fairs, car shows, and music events to a historic Tour of Somerville bike race that has been going on for over 70 years starting in 1940.  The Tour of Somerville bike race is the oldest competitive bicycle race in the country.  Now a three day event that is even streamed over the internet, the Tour of Somerville provides live music, fast action, and entertainment. 

This event coined the Kentucky Derby of Cycling peaks on Monday with the Kugler-Anerson Memorial (Arts on Division). 


Streets of Somerville NJ

Main Street

Division Street

Bridge Street

Mountian Ave

Gaston Ave

Paul Roberson Boulevard

Historic Buildings

Somerset County Courthouse

First Reformed Church

Lord Memorial Fountian

Victorian Train Station

Carriage House

Somerville Athletic Association

Somerset Hotel

Courthouse Blo
The Cort Theatre 1941 - located across from the court house


Second Natoinal Bank 

Cawley Hotel and Resturant 

Staats Jeweler

Ten Eyck Hotel

Commercial Hotel

Main Street

Peter's Brook - named after Peter Van Nest

Somerset Hall / Alfonso's Restaurant

Regent Theatre

Gernert Dry Goods

Cron's Drug Store

Parking on Main Street

The Gaston Building

First National Bank 

Nuly's Market

Bachman and Van Tine 

Old Dutch Parsonage

Wallace House

Center Passage

Second Reformed Church

St Thomas AME Zion Church

First Baptist Church

United Methodist Church

Forth Reformed Church

Immaculate Conception RC Church

New Immaculate Conception

St John's Episcopal Church

Congregation Anshe Chesed

Shiloh Pentecostal Chruch

St Paul Baptist Church

Good Shephered Lutheran Church

Emmanuel Reformed Episcopal Church

Unitarian Universalist

Somerset Hospital 

Deats Memorial Home for Orphans

Somerville Inn

Engine Company No1

Central Hook and Ladder

West End Hose Company No 3

West End Engine House

Somerville Fire Museum

Lincoln Hose Company

Wollen Mill

J. Harper Smith Estate

Granetz Building

Somerville Iron Works

Carbon Stove Works

Railroad Station



Camman Home

Doughty Home

Robert Mansion

Borough Hall

Police station

Rescue Squad


Central School

High School

Middle School

Lafayette School

Immaculate Conception Grammer School

Immaculata High School

Adolph Mack Home

Alex Mack Home 


228 Altamont Place

237 Altamont

240 Altamont

246 Altamont Place

Lindsley Home

Yawger Home

198 High Street

Ten Eyck Twin Homes

Potter Home

Dakin House

C Stewar Hoffman Home

41 North Bridge Street

Bridge Street 

221 East High 

Samuel Miller House